Breakaway Broadcast Processor and mAirList Encoder

Hello, figuring out how to use Breakaway Broadcast Processor combined with mAirList Encoder.

Want I want to achieve is that output mAirList goes through Breakaway Broadcast Processor Pipeline and back to mAirList Encoder. Possible?

I’m not an expert, but if I recall correctly, Breakaway Broadcast doesn’t come as an ordinary “plugin” (that is, a DLL which is loaded into mAirList, and which processes the signal directly inside the mAirList process), but it is rather a separate application that records from one soundcard, processes the signal, and then plays it on another soundcard. These “pipelines” are nothing but virtual soundcards.

What is your audio setup with mAirList? Do you use a mixing console, that is, are you recording from Line In? Or do you use the MIC button in mAirList? Or just 24/7 automated playback?

Torben, currently not using a mixing console - desperatly waiting for delivery of my ordered D&R Airlite :wink:

So at this moment it´s 24/7 automated playback.

Then set the playback device for all players to the Breakaway pipeline in mAirListConfig (if I’m not mistaken, the pipelines will be listed along with the physical soundcards in the dropdown), and also the Encoder Line Input to the pipeline.

Don’t forget to press the LINE button in the mAirList encoder status.

There is a plugin called Breakaway LiveLink which is a Winamp DSP that you can use in mAirlist. It will route the audio through Breakaway. You can find it here:

Wasn’t aware of that - great tip, thanks, Stefan!

Still no luck on this, Stefan and Torben. Too much options >:(

Which setting do I choose in Windows Sound set-up? How do I load Breakaway as DSP Plug In in mAirlist?

And which setting in mAirList Control Panel > Default Devices > Encoder and Players (see attachment)?


Stefan’s approach (with the LiveLink software) looks more promising, because you can just add it as a Winamp DSP plugin to the encoder soundprocessing chain. No need to mess around with pipelines. I would try that first.

@Torben using the LiveLink together with mAirlist for 5 years now without any problem.

@Adriaan Follow these steps to get it working:

  1. Download the right Livelink plugin from the Breakaway website ( - Choose Live or broadcast

  2. Extract the zip and copy the dll to the mAirlist plugin folder (or anywhere where you like it to be ;-))

  3. Start Breakaway:

    a. In the Breakaway Live (or Broadcast) I/O configuration select Live as source
    b. put the output on disabled

  4. Set al the player outputs in mAirlist to Encoder

  5. Go to encoder in mAirlist and select soundprocessing, choose the master tab

  6. Press the arrow next to add and choose Winamp DSP Plugin

  7. Browse to the location where you put the dll and press open

  8. Press ok to close the configuration window

If you need any help (or help in Dutch) just send me a PM on the forum. :slight_smile:

Solved, thanks to wiele :). Works like a charm now.

So if you don’t mind me asking, what does Breakaway do and how does it benefit the processing chain?

I currently outboard my processing to dedicated hardware, before it returns into mAirlist for the stream encoder. But I’m always interested in new tech that could possibly improve, or add some extra punch!

I have some issues with this, so let me double check:

Master out goes into the input line of the dedicated processing hardware. The processed signal is than returned to Mairlist line in ( or mic?) input. Encoder is set to line in or mic ( direct sound I assume)?

I have tried something similar but I get no sound from the Mairlist PC using the on board sound card which is fed by the processed signal.

Yes, basically you Line Out of the computer, into the Processor input. Then out of the Processor into the Line In on the computer.

I use the WASAPI drivers, as I’ve got an M-Audio Delta 44.

In Audio Devices in the mAirList configuration, set the Line Input to the input of the sound card in the Encoder.

That should pretty much do it.