Blue screen of the dead with Virtual Audio Cable

English :


I would warn you of a major bug concerning the use of mAirList with Virtual Audio Cable.

It (mAirList), planted with Virtual Audio Cable as a result of a blue screen from Windows.

Do not use VAC and mAirList.

If you could for the next version fix this bug, it would be really great.

Thank you in advance.

Français :


Je souhaiterais vous avertir d’un gros bug concernant l’utilisation de mAirList avec Virtual Audio Cable.

Celui-ci (mAirList), fait planter Virtual Audio Cable avec comme résultat un écran bleu de la part de Windows.

Eviter donc d’utiliser VAC et mAirList.

Si vous pouviez pour la prochaine version corriger ce bug, cela serais vraiment génial.

Merci d’avance.

Is there any evidence that this is actually a bug in mAirList and not in VAC? A BSOD is usually caused by an error in a driver (just like VAC). If an application causes an error, you would usually get this “This application doesn’t work anymore” dialog.

The blue screen should display the name of the module in which the error occured. Can you please post that information here?

Also, in mAirListConfig, you should try to change the various BASS_*-options (e.g. BASS_SAMPLE_FLOAT, BASS_SAMPLE_SOFTWARE) in mAirListConfig. Perhaps VAC doesn’t like one of these.


It’s a VAC error, but if I select in driver type “Software” it’s mAirList that crash not VAC

With respect, maxPag, when a driver called by a application crashes, Windows will report that the application has crashed (which it has).

But the CAUSE of the crash is still the faulty driver and not the application which is calling it.