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Hello all,
can I create a block that contains my newsloop, news (accapella) and closer, so I can add just 1 item into the playlist?
With the current issue I had to modifie all of my playlists. Would like to make it easyer.
Same for items that change often (local info, local news, …)

We are using V5

Thank you.
Kind regards,

Hi Kris,

this is possible from mAirlist v6.0 on:

News Containers

Another special kind of container items. Just point mAirList to the required audio files for your news break (intro, music bed, etc.) and the actual news content (which can also be an HTTP URL), and mAirList will “magically” construct a container from it, mixing all items perfectly together.


Please check your account in the customer area for upgrade prices (dependíng on your mAirList Edition).

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