Blink light script Airence

We want to have a light blink at the D&R Airence mixer.

It’s possible te do that with an script.[]=airence

But we are an newbie at script.
How do we make an script to blink the nonstop button in red for example?

Hello Mario,
according to the wiki article, you refered to, that should be possible.

Can you please define, what LED you want to have blink and what are the conditions to activate that blink mode?


We want to blink the NONSTOP led.
We start an event at xx:59:30 in Playlist 1, then load an playlist with an dummy that says pull up the Nonstop fader.
And we want to start an script that blink the NONSTOP led

We use Playlist1 only at nonstop hours.
When we are live we use playlist one for events. At diverse times the playlist is filled with dummy’s to tell the dj that an commercial break is coming or play the headlines. At the TOTH we start an new playlist in playlist one with News and nonstop music than the DJ go from Live to Nonstop.

Well it seems, that the Airence does not offer to toggle the LED via it’s remote control. So the LED in this button only reflects the mode and changes on push only.

Once it is pressed, you can make mAirlist react to it, but not the other way round.
D&R only allows buttons 0 to 23, you would need Button No 26.

There is a possibility to send to the airence buttons 0 to 23.

Because when we use the cartwall before. The leds are blinking when a faillure was.
And when an button was loading it was yellow, and then green.

Is is possible te send via a script an command to that buttons? So we can blink them as an attention…
We don’t use that buttons in Mairlist.

Try this one:

procedure OnExecuteCommand(Command: string);
  if Command = 'BLINK AIRENCE' then begin
    SetLEDBlink(0, acRed, absFast);


Register this as a background script. The event should trigger a command named 'BLINK AIRENCE.

Triggered regards



We get an failure alert

Fout bij het uitvoeren actie Script uitvoeren (C:\Mairlist 6.x\Scripts\Airence [Error] (4:5): Unknown identifier ‘SetLEDBlink’

Does your license allow Airence remote control? It is a feature reserved for Advanced and Professional licences.

Restricted regards


Yes we have professional studio licence


Then it’s me who messed it up … (Script has been edited by heart between breakfast and shower.) I will have a further look at.

Failed regards


Edit: From a distance, you take a simple look at and …

procedure OnExecuteCommand(Command: string);
  if Command = 'BLINK AIRENCE' then begin
    AirenceRemote(0).SetLEDBlink(0, acRed, absFast);


Have a go at this one, please.

No error msg

But nothing happens

Once the script is loaded you need to trigger the command “BLINK AIRENCE” fom a playlist element.
Either by adding it to “Action on Start”

Or you add it to the playlist as a command.

Sorry for the german screenshots, I assume you get the idea.

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I have done that via an event.
With commando BLINK AIRENCE

When i make an edit in the script (Change a letter) then Mairlist says error on parameter.
When i set back the letter i have no error.
Mairlist uses the script.

But the airence don’t react.

So if you do edit the script, it is crucial which letter(s) you are changing. Please give me more information about this.

This script is an example only for illuminating Button 1A flashing red on the given command. It will remain flashing endlessly because this had been the only thing you requested.

If you could describe a little more precisely which button(s)* should light up when, in which colour, flashing or not and when to go out, please? This woud be really helpful.

Requesting regards


* Addendum: NONSTOP Button does not count for above reasons.

Button 1a is fine.Flashing red is OK.

We want to make an alert to the dj when its time to play an item.
We work with young radiomakers who don’t have the time sharp.
With an blinking led we can trigger them to take action.
It;s fine when the led blinks for 30 seconds and then goes off.

When i use the script you posted here the led on 1a is not blinking.

I changed a parameter in the script to test if Mairlist use this script. An mairlist give an error at the script. I changed the parameter to its original value en start the event again and mairlist has no error.
For me only an test mairlist uses the right script.

Thank you, Mario.

So before we carry on with the stubborn Airence console, yet another question regarding the timing of the blinking LEDs: You say, the LED should warn the personnel – were it feasible to use the EOF-Warning for triggering instead or additionally or do you like the LED to be triggered by the playlist events only?

Collecting regards


We want to have the use of a blinking led by an event at several times.

It’s a warning when they have to play an special recorded item. We let the event load that item in an playlist. The young radiomakers are not triggered by the item coming up in mairlist. When an led is blinking at their mixer we hope that we warn them.

As I do not own an Airence mixer myself, we have to proceed by trial and error. So would you mind trying out this one please. After slaying another bug I put in by mistake I have made the script trigger the LED for 10 seconds after a player has been started. So we can exclude any possible errors caused by the playlist itself. In case of starting up or shutting down mAirList, all LEDs are turned off, additionally:

procedure OnLoad;                                            // All LEDs out on startup
  AirenceRemote(0).SetLED(255, acNone);

procedure OnUnload;                                          // All LEDs out on shutdown
  AirenceRemote(0).SetLED(255, acNone);

procedure OnTimer;
  AirenceRemote(0).SetLED(0, acNone);                        // Turn off LED 1A
  DisableTimer;                                              // Stop timer

procedure OnPlayerStateChange(PlaylistIndex: integer; PlayerIndex: integer; 
                              OldState: TPlayerState; NewState: TPlayerState; 
                              Item: IPlaylistItem);
  if NewState = psPlaying then begin                         // Wait for player to be started
    AirenceRemote(0).SetLEDBlink(0, acRed, acNone, absFast); // Turn on Airence LED
    EnableTimer(10000);                                      // Start timer for 30 seconds


Let’s see what happens, please report any success or failure.

Curious regards


I load it as an backgroundscript.

But nothing happens.
Mairlist starting up/down Player start.



Let’s have a look at the configuration hints in mAirList-wiki:

Has this happened before?

Forensic regards