Behringer X-Touch Mini and midi

I am in the process of building the environment I want with mAirlist. Loving it so far!’’

I have my Behringer X-Touch Mini talking to mAirlist through midi mapping, and it works as expected.

I’d like to accomplish the following if possible:

-Synchronize the X-Touch’s motorized faders.
-When a clip is loaded I want to corresponding fader to Synchronize with that players default level
-When a clip is ejected, I want the corresponding fader to close down all the way.

Is this possible?

Thank you in advance!


I once did it for a Behringer BCF2000 which is similiar.

First step is to find out which MIDI commands (status, data1, data2) to send to the controller to move the faders. Usually you would have status1/data1 representing the command and fader number, and data2 the fader level (0…127).

Check the documentation of your particular device. Then use a tool like MIDIOX to play around with it:

Then scripting comes into play:

Please reply to this thread when you have found out about the MIDI messages.

Thanks for the pointers Torben.
Not being a scripter, if anyone has an example or “hello world” script for me to use as a starting point, that would be highly appreciated.