Bass error 41

Hi Torben

I recvieve

11/18/2014 9:33:13 PM Warning Skipping erroneous item “Pop Rock FM Live”: BASS_StreamCreateURL: unsupported file format (BASS error 41)

What can i do about it .


What format is your stream in? Please post the URL.

It’s a pls file so that a little bit strange,

At my pc it will work this stream and also on a friends pc/mac

As we tune in directly .It works i get sound on the stream , (nopw it is offline becouse we are not transmitting live to the server)
but there is music on it auto dj

So what can it be


Which Windows version is mAirList now running on?

This looks like an AAC stream. Usually there is a AAC codec included in the Windows system (Windows 7 and above have it; for Windows Server you may have to install the Desktop Experience package).

Alternatively download bass_aac.dll from and copy it into the mAirList program folder -> plugins -> bass.


I will do that i hope it helps


Changed the stream to MP3 now it is fixed

Was indeed a AAC stream