BASS -1 error


I have an issue what i hope someone can help me to solve this.
I have 3 stream connections setup in my encoder.
Every day i lose the connection for a couple of seconds. (See the screenshot)
2 of the stream connections are going to my new shoutcast V2 server.
1 is going to my old shoutcast server.
I have configured a icmp (Ping) check to verify of the connection is really lost, but the connection is not disconnected.
What can a possible issue?

I’m using version 5.2.4 Build 2977


I have seen this a couple of times, and every time it was related to some kind of strange network issues. The plain ICMP ping isn’t really helpful because it doesn’t tell you anything about the state existing TCP connections. Wireshark would be a better tool to analyze this.

Is there any evidence from the server logs?

PS: Did you know that you can copy/paste the log messages as text? No need for a screenshot :slight_smile:

Hi Torben,

Thanks for your reaction.
I testing now with Wireshark and i did’t some modification, hopefully it will solve my issue.
I have upgraded to the latest build of version 5.3
There are now issues in the server log reported.
The only thing what i keep in mind is the memory usage of the server, is this something wat also can interrupt the connection to the streaming server?

Issues in the server log? Exact message?

I mean that there are now issues in the event log.

“now” or “no”?

That stupid “check language” option in safari… :-\

There are no issues in the event log.

But i found some issue in my configuration and test it right now.
I let it now if this was the issue.
it look that something is conflicting on the http port.