Background display


i am trying to get mairlist to appear with a different background, the one that makes mairlist look like a jukebox…

Before, you put the file location into the skin.ini as:
Color=C:\program files\mairlist 3.0\mairlist_background_1280.png

However, this doesn’t work in the latest version…

Any ideas where i need to put the path to get it to work as i require?

Many Thanks

This should do it:

Background=C:\program files\mairlist 3.0\mairlist_background_1280.png

Use “Color” if you want to have a fixed background color, and “Background” for a background image.

Be away that this only works in custom layout mode.


that seems half correct as it has removed the color that was there, just not replaced it with the image i want!

should it go in skin.ini?

Also, im not sure what you mean by custom layout mode - do i have to select that somewhere? (i am running proffesional edition)

Thank you

Working now…
Thanks for your help torben.

Quite anoying…

I tried both “Color” and “Background” with image path and nothing changed…
I added the line in [MainWindow] section…

Where I’m wrong ?

Note : I tried with mAirlist v3 and mAirlist v3.1 beta… no difference :frowning:

You don’t say whether you want a (solid) background COLOUR or whether you want a background IMAGE.

In either case, you need a skin.ini file in your config folder. So first, you need to check the location of that folder. Open mAirList config and click Advanced, Data Folders. Note the location of Config Folder and click the Open in Explorer button BELOW that on the dialog. That is where your skini.ini file needs to be. ~If it doesn’t exist, you need to move it there (or create it there).

In your skin.ini file, use THIS format if you want a background image:

Background=C:\program files\mairlist 3.0\mairlist_background_1280.png

and use THIS format if you want a background colour:


Note that you MUST use the American spelling of Color (not Colour!).

Also note none of the elements of your layout (Browser, toolbar, Players, Cartwall, etc.) are EVER transparent, so you will only see your image (or colour) in the areas of the window which are NOT occupied by any of those elements. If your custom layout is anything like mine, that will be a very small percentage of the mAirList window. :smiley:

For anyone still confused by the term ‘custom layout,’ a ‘custom’ layout simply means that you have created a skin.ini file (so mAirList is not using an ‘automatic’ or default layout). I’m sure Torben will correct me if that description is wrong!


Sorry Cad…

I was misled by the “gui.ini” files where I founded a [MainWindows] section.
I thought that, since v3 mAirlist version, skin.ini was no longer used and all the previous settings had been moved into “gui.ini” file.

I created a “skin.ini”, like I did before with v2.2 and all is okay.
Newbies error ^^ :smiley:

Thanks Cad