Back-up: PostgreSQL database is on Synology NAS

Help! Due to a power failure this night, my Synology DS209 is beeping and the orange LED blinks. No good. I can connect to the data via network (not via Synology Assistant or browser :o)

My PostgreSQL database for mAirList v5.0 is on this NAS as well as my audio data. Of course, I have a back-up of my audio data on my local PC. How do I make a back-up of the PostgreSQL database?

Torben, when I buy a new NAS and run DSM 4.2 agian, how can I transfer the PostgreSQL database to the new NAS? Is this possible with DSM version 5.x as well?

For a backup and restore, you will have to use the usual pg_dump/pg_restore tools on the SSH console of your NAS. Check the PostgreSQL documentation for that.

It should also work with DSM 5.x, but as far as I know, the file paths of the PostgreSQL binaries and config files have changed a bit. Can’t tell for sure right now.

Torben, which information is stored in the PostgreSQL database, anyway?

Audio library: list of files, all metadata, cue points, etc.
Scheduling: all prepared playlists, hour templates, etc.

In other words: Everything but the actual audio files

Thanks, Torben. Solved :slight_smile: