b758: Players and Config bugs

  1. As reported in http://forum.mairlist.com/index.php/topic,4646.msg33115.html#msg33115, Config fails with a RangeCheck error immediately after opening.

  2. I have a Reset button on my Players. If a Player has an error (e.g. file not found), the Reset button is not hidden.

  3. If a Player has an error (e.g. file not found), the Artist name is displayed below the error message in the Player. I presume (?) this is not intentional.


  1. The bug report is based on v3.0.14, and it was fixed in v3.0.15, released April 27th. You should really be more up to date with your installations :slight_smile:

Are you saying that it happens in v3.1.0 as well?

  1. Will be taken care of.

  2. Well… I didn’t really pay attention to that. Perhaps we can find a better place to display the error message when I redesign the players.

Oops! Wrong file: correct bugreport.txt is attached.


Oh, and one other thing ;): the Select Playlist dialog in mAirListDB (and each column in it) needs to be a little wider. It is often the case that the heading is ‘truncated,’ for example Wed 14/07/20…


bugreport.txt (19.4 KB)

Hm, that must be a different kind of Range Check Error bug. Will have a look at it, also at the Select Playlist dialog. Perhaps it’s sufficient to omit the year.

cough< :-[

The RangeCheck error (1 in my list of bugs) was an ‘own goal’ on my part.
I forgot I had (manually!) changed EndMon to 60000 (mS). ::slight_smile:
I changed it back to 30000 and Config opened without any problems.


Weren’t you going to change this a LONG time ago so that the value could be more than 32767 mS?
Even a max value of 65535 would be a big improvement.


The TUpDown control can only handle values up to 32767.

We would have to change the time unit to seconds. But how do we do that without breaking everybody’s configuration?

The Reset button issue will be sorted out in the next build.

About the Select Playlist dialog, it is not possible to omit the year because there is no predefined format for that. The Delphi FormatDateTime function uses localized formats according to your language by default, so you get “16/07/2010” on an en-GB computer, “07/16/2010” on an en-US one, “16.07.2010” on a German one and so on.

Defining a custom date format without the year is not feasible because I would have to do that for every language.

I have also tried to increase the column width by 8 pixels, which is of course possible. However, the space between the red or green icon and the text becomes very large then. That doesn’t really look good. But the “…” in the header looks worse, I believe.