b728: Playlist Number of Items and Duration Box

I was recently testing out some things for the Manual, and …

  1. The Number of Items box in the Playlist toolbar seems to include items in the History. I expected that it would only count Items which are either playing or which are yet to be played?

  2. The Playlist Duration box seems somewhat erratic, especially if the new ‘Use Outro for EOF warning’ options is ON. When two Players are playing simultaneously, the duration seems to count down TWO seconds for each elapsed second (?). I can sort of understand that, since each Player is removing a second of ‘duration’ per elapsed second.

  3. It is also possible for the duration to suddenly jump ‘up’ in value, again especially if two players are playing and the ‘Use Outro for EOF warning’ option is ON. I’ve seen it get down to zero (about 20s too early) and then start counting UP again (?!!). In the same way, with a long fade, the Player’s remain time display starts counting UP from zero (the Outro point) as well.


Sorry for ignoring this thread for so long.

I’m aware that the boxes aren’t really useful at the moment. I suppose they will be replaced by something more useful in a future version.