b684: Default install, Cartwall not initialised properly (Range check error)

In a default install of mAirList (from ZIPfile 3.0.14, which loads B681), loading any Cartwall Player causes a Range check error. Bugreport.txt is attached: seems to be TCartPlayerControl.GetStartTrigger.

There is also strange behaviour in the loaded Cartwall Player (try it!).

After a LOT of testing, I have isolated the problem.

If no INI files are present, the fault occurs.
If you have a mairlist.ini with these three lines in it:

[Cartwall] Enabled=on PlayerCountX=3 PlayerCountY=2
the fault does NOT occur; but removing ANY of those three keys from mairlist.ini re-introduces the fault.

I therefore conclude that there is some kind of problem with Cartwall initialiization when one or more of the above lines is NOT present in mairlist.ini, or when no mairlist.ini file exists (in other words, immediately after install), such that by default, either the Cartwall is not Enabled properly, and/or does not assume its default size of 3×2 Players (which would explain the Range check). 8)

This also happens if you copy B684 into the ‘default install,’ which is why the Subject line cites B684. :wink:


bugreport.txt (22 KB)

I have seen this error a couple of times in the automated bug reports coming in. Just a few days ago, one of the affected users sent me his configuration, and it was in fact right after a clean install. I haven’t had the time to look at it, but it should be fairly easy to track this error down.

Thanks for your help.

Found the problem. v3.0.15 is online.

No problem. But it did take a LOT of test runs (maybe 20 or so?) to figure out precisely which files/settings were required to prevent the problem happening. :slight_smile: My years of experience of software development have got me used to that sort of thing, and as we all (?) know: the better and more focussed the problem report, the easier it is for the developer to find and fix the bug, right? ;D

I’ll grab the new version and double-check that it’s fixed now.

Thanks again!

[LATER] Yes, all working AOK now. ;D