b662 lost some configuration (Monitor placement)

I have the Monitor placed to run full size in “Use Monitor 2”. When I installed b622, it ignored it and went full size on Monitor 1. When I looked at the configuration it had gone. Set it back and all was well.

Yes, there have been a few changes. Look what’s written in the change log:

[*] Main window and cartwall: Changed the "monitor" setting to a more general "window position" setting. Removed "maximized" option which is now a part of the "window position" setting. With the "default" window position, mAirList will use position.ini to determine the position and size, or maximize the main window if that file is not present.

Oh boy, I must have been tired last night. I thought I had read the change log :frowning: As my old teacher used to say “Must do better” :slight_smile: