b661: Swedish characters


It is as usual swedish chars not work!

I inserted a flac file and this is the ugly result: Världens frälsare kom här. It is flac file title tag.

Mp3 files is working.

I have use Exact Audio Copy to rip my flac files and info from http://freedb.freedb.org.

Patrik Ekman
Vårgårda Sweden

That looks like Unicode (UTF8). Looks like BASS doesn’t convert it properly (or like I didn’t know that I’m supposed to do that on application level). Should be easy to resolve.

Build 662 is being uploaded.

I don’t use Bass for that task i switch to (libFLAC.dll) New Audio Components package http://symmetrica.net/newac/

But i dont think the licens fits for you!

Thanks for 662 looks great!

Edit : 663 was it i downloded!

Yes, Unicode crap again. Had to struggle with that too. No standard lib was able to convert it properly, so I wrote my own code for just handling a few commonly used.
That was faster and easier to do than all the time I wasted with trying everything out.

Here you’re in a bad shape as you have to rely on what bass gives back to you.

This is the reason why we completely removed all special characters from our tags. Not only the playout software can’t handle it, but also RDS decoders do not show these chars correctly. Same for Shoutcast…
We perform a regular scan on our tags for latin, “nordic”, french, german, … and all other unsupported characters.

Hers’s the list we replace automatically during the scan:


Unicode is great. Well, it will be great, once it’s the de-facto standard in each and every application and operating system. It’s still a long way though.

mAirList isn’t Unicode enabled either. That’s because it’s written in Delphi 2006, and full Unicode support is only available from Delphi 2009 - which brought so many changes to the API that most of the 3rd-party libraries used by mAirList don’t support it. So we’re stuck in a non-Unicode version at the moment, and I need to convert all input to the local character set.

By the way, Patrik, was that a Christmas song you mentioned? Something about the world’s savior coming? I speak a little Danish, it’s not too hard for me to read Swedish :slight_smile:

Swedish oldes Psalm.

Little german: (google translate)

Retter der Welt hierher gekommen, ist die älteste Gesangbuch Hymne mit dem Titel Veni Redemptor gentium, in der 300 von Bischof Aurelius. Ambrosius, der in der 397. gestorben geschrieben. Der Text wurde in Deutsch in Erfurt im Jahre 1524 von Martin Luther übersetzte.

Google is gut, wenn Sie das deutsche Forum zu lesen.