Axia Livewire (IP) GPIO support

It would be great if the future update of Mairlist have support for remote control of Axia consoles via Livewire (IP) GPIO support. Currently i use radiorom’s Telnet REST Interface which works great :wink: but is not scalable :frowning: (my layout has 1 playlist with 4 players ::)). It would be shame not to use the same Livewire connection for controling the software :o !

I agree. But I would need a demo device to implement it. Not sure if Axia would borrow me one.


I extended the GPIO REST Interface I wrote for Georges to support 4 channels.
That should solve your problems for the moment…

you can get it off my private server on:

I did not do any testing on it as it was just a copy/paste exercise. Leaving the testing to you. :smiley:


Thank you ! I’ve tested it and it works like a charm !

Do you have any documentation on the AXIA protocol?

Torben, the protocol is well documented and Georges put a reference to the document on the Axia site in his thread.

If I remember well, there is a default GPIO interface defined depending on setup of the fader. Line-in, mike, telco, etc.

(below out of my mind)
The standard GPIO has 5 flags that get transmitted on a faderstatus change or manual start button depressed.
Furthermore there is a possibility to use a “SendText” protocol upon faderstatus change.
(example Fader 1 raised)
GPO 1 hhhHh
(example Fader 1 lowered)
GPO 1 hlhhH

So for a Line-In Fader “bit” 4 is used for fader start and 5 for fader stop. The capital letters always mean a change on that “bitposition”

For mAirList that would mean:

  1. Setup a telnetclient that is connecting via a dedicated port to the Axia Telnetserver
  2. in config assign GPIO channels to the Players/Cartplayers
  3. For each Player/Cartplayer setup the mAirList cmds one would use upon the different bit status changes.

However, the most flexible method would be to use the “SendText” method of the console. Here you can assign Text output directly via the telnet protocol.
So the console could directly output:
(not sure if the Text PLAYER 1-1 START is transmitted within quotes. But that is something that could be easily verified.
This would reduce the overhead for mAirList and make the interface most flexible.

Not sure if you really need a console on hand. I believe there are at least 2 persons willing to test the interface once implemented to mAirList.

If you wish, I can send you the source code of my program.


Oh, now that you mention it, I think I remember the thread and the hhlHl stuff.

If I find some spare time, I could try to implement the protocol “hit or miss” style. I just need someone who can test it for me (probably not only once but a few different versions).

I can of course test it for you. I was using radiorom’s RESTInterface, but we had to switch to the 64 bit version of Windows 7 and it doesn’t work any more, so support for this would be absolutely fantastic :slight_smile:

That would be perfect. Perhaps you can set up a port forwarding so that I can connect to your desk directly during the test session while we talk on the phone or Skype or so.

It’ll take a few days though, I’m very busy with important bugfixes etc.

Absolutely, I will set up a VPN account for you (I’m inside a company firewall).
Just let me know when you have time.

PS: note that We still have mAirList 3 running here - not sure that will matter though.