Awesome feature on 4.2

Just wanted to say that I have only just discovered the fantastic feature on version 4.2 of importing music into the database by dragging the folder onto the database. The option to put in the folder and storage of choice is very useful and the fact that audio can be converted from one format to another at the time of import is just fantastic. It also seems to recognize when a file already exists and not add it to database.
The only thing I found a bit of a slight nuisance is that when importing the count on the left of the import files window doesn’t go beyond 99 and is blank for the rest
Only discovered it by chance and using it saves a lot of time… Thanks Torben!

About the blank numbers after 99, is the column too narrow? Did you resize the column?

Cheers, Alec M

Will try that…didn’t even think of that ???