Do you know if we can activate automation in a playlist? at the end of a show who is playing in manual, can we add a command to activate automation mode?i know we can have a break.
thanks for answers

You can insert a command in the playlist, containing Automation commands on start.

i can add a command, but how can i do to say activate automation with this command?


Do yo see the place for “Actions on start”? (I have actually no active mAirList with me to send you a screenshot :slight_smile:
Click on the green “plus” Button and look what commands are the best for you.

thanks to do a screenshot when you could,
i can create command, but i don t know to create automation mode

Please see attached.
By testing it I found out that it is useful when you link the Command with the item before it.

The Actions on start (or stop) shown in the screenshot can also be inserted to songs (Properties), but I think using commands in a playlist seems to be more transparent.

You know that the Auto mode can only work when it is allowed to the playlist in the Config options (checkbox)? :wink:

v6.1.9 Insert Command Automation (1).png

v6.1.9 Insert Command Automation (2).png

v6.1.9 Insert Command Automation (3).png

thanks for you help

Hello ,
i ve got mairlist v5 and v6
it works on mairlist v6 but it doesn t work on mairlist v5
i do the same thing, nothing happen why?there is a bug?

IIRC, “actions on start” for non-playable items are only processed in v6, not v5. It’s a new feature.