Automatic sweepers over song to intro 1, in automation mode

Hi all,

I just want to know if it’s possible to program automatic sweepers to run over the music to intro 1 in the song?
And if this is possible, how to do it?

I have tried to look in all the documentation, but I didn’t find automatic solution, hopefully I am wrong?

Thanks in advanced.

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Not automatically, no - at the moment.

In a very far future (:crystal_ball:), when mAirList and its data system is completely new and re-programmed, this might be possible.

Has this topic anything to do with this one here?

Not really.
The feature should just play a sweeper, WHEN the song start, and not wait to play sweeper up to the intro of the next song, and of course, the sweeper must not break the Intro 1, but if the sweeper is to long, the SONG should start, so the intro 1 will not be exceeded.
It should not move the sweeper to the intro, but play the sweeper, when the song begin to start.

Hope the explanation makes sense?

BTW: There is a difference between DROPS and SWEEPS, drops will no matter how, be placed right before Intro1, where the SWEEP just go along with the song from start untill Intro 1 has started.
I am interested in the last option.

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But that would work if you set the Start Next right at the beginning of the Sweeper.

Yes I am agree, but if the sweeper is to long or the intro1 is to short, I guess it will exceed the intro of the song?

The question is how long your sweepers are exactly.
For me, a sweeper consists of an FX at the beginning, followed by the station name.
Mostly these are only 2 to 5 seconds maximum.

If you have the maximum time, you could use filters to only play songs that have a ramp of at least 5 seconds

I don’t know, because my programming for music and sweepers, does not allow me to change any music or sweeper.
So my question is only that my sweeper will play and the song will start over the sweeper, so it will not exeed with intro1 for the song.

I think the solution could be, that nothing should exeed the intro1 for a song, would it be possible to made this in mAirlist???
Because then I could set almost all my sweepers with a startnext, where the sweeper should start the song, but without the intro1 of the song will be exeeded :slight_smile:

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I had made a script (from v3 or v4 version) a few years ago that do exactly what you ask to.
I’m currently thinking about biying and using mairlist for a personal project. Maybe I will create a new script for this functionality (updating my previous one I should find somewhere in my network hard drive).

If I do, maybe I will sell it :wink: depends of how I will do it … seriously or not.