Automatic Hook Container problem

I have a problem with automatic hook container. I know there are posts about this since before but i don’t find any solution for my problem.

I use automatic hook container before top of hour jingle to preview plays of songs in next hour. I have also set opener jingle. The hook container is added in playlist and when playlist load to Mairlist its shows the automatic hook container and the hooks for the next 5 songs are shown in the container.

No to the problem, when its time for playlist to play the automatic hook container it plays the opener jingle but not the hooks. Even though i can see the hooks in the container Please check attached screenshots.

Please help me. thanks!

Anybody can help here???

We will have a look on it. Found another strange behaviour. Sorry that it took so long.

Maybe it has to do with the moment when the Automatic Hook Container is created. When it’s loaded directly into a player while creating, it causes an error.

It will be fixed in upcoming Build 4469:

[*] Playlist: Automatic Hook Containers always update their content before being loaded into a player

Well i was pretty sure i was not doing anything wrong. Thanks!

When will build 4469 be released?

Build 4470 ist already available.
Best regards from the :tooth::hospital:

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Yes found it… Dentist lol thanks