Automatic fade

wat is de werking van de automatische fade in Mairlist.
This I ask that I indicated that he should fade with the following settings.

Default automation fade time : 500 ms
End Mon duration : 5 sec.

But I do not see the song out with a start next marker.

Start Next will only start the next sond (thus the name) but not fade out the current song.

You must use the Fade Out marker instead.

The fade will go from Fade Out to Cue Out (or the end of the file if no Cue Out is set).

The Standard Fade Duration is used when a song is faded out prematurely, e.g. when it’s faded out by an event/fixed time, or when you click the NEXT button during automation.

Thank You do torben for the explanation.

It may be possible to make. Combined marker
What the next number started and makes a fade out ?

“Fade Out” is already a combined marker: It fades out the current song and starts the next one.

Thanxs :slight_smile: