Automated Channel


I know it is possible to click ‘auto’ on a channel, but is it possible to have a constantly automated channel which cannot be turned off, without having to have the large automated/live assist toolbar? This is because i have a seperate player with playist acting as an ad channel, but if i have the assist/auto toolbar it is all squased and i am unable to click “automate”. if it is not possible to have a constnantly automted channel, is there a configurement i can out in “mAirList.ini” to only show the “auto” and “total duration/number of files” and be able to resize it?

Thanks. Sorry if that is confusing!

The following options can be adjusted, although anything less than Size10 may be too small. x = Playlist number, 0 is the first, 1 is the second. There is also a Playlist option (Control Bar tab) called "separate auto and assist buttons, un-checking that will also save some space.

ToolbarFontName=MS Sans Serif

It’s possible to get 2 Playlists side-by-side with room to show the control bars. Attached a screenshot of your layout if you like, and I’ll offer some more suggestions.

Here is the layout.

On the left is the Ads channel which i am trying to just have the auto button on it and the full duration of the files lined up.
On the right is another channel, which i have soley put on the control bar to compare to.


I presume that when you say channel, you actually mean Player? :wink:


I’d say that’s way too narrow. You could turn off the Control Bar, and use a Notification Script that puts that Playlist into Auto mode when you run mAirList. You’d have to use the keyboard/desk to control the actions like Auto On/Off, Next etc.

procedure OnStartup;

(0) assumes it’s the first Playlist… use (1) for the 2nd etc. Save that as a .mls file (\mairlist\scripts is a good place) and add it to the Notification Scripts config. //comment out the AutomationPlay line if you don’t want it to start when you run mAirList.

This script is also useful for overnight re-boots :slight_smile:

Ah yes, sorry i’m used to saying at some other place!

And thanks for that script, works perfectly!!

Sorry for being fussy and asking for more, but is there a way to configure on the ‘ads “player”’ (the same one that i’ve added the automation on startup onto) to have an erm, say 0.5 seconds overlay on files as they say. basically, so there are no, gaps so the next file/ad plays when there is 0.5 seconds remaining on the previous ad.


Yeah, your FadeOut Cue setting was a little low for my liking. Down in the Misc-File Import section, it said -30dB - I would use -13 or -12, it’ll make the overlaps tighter. Also make sure you tick “Auto Determine FadeOut for new items” so that each item added/loaded within the Playlists is auto-cued. You can do the same for the starts of the files, too :slight_smile:

Ok great.

Where is this tick box?

There’s a window of check options above the 3 sliders in mAirListConfig - Miscellaneous, File Import

NOTE: If it’s already ticked and you’ve stored details in your MMD Files - you will probably need to re-tag the FadeOut points on those files as they’ll have been saved at the -30dB threshold (which would leave quite a gap between tracks).