Happy new Mairlist user. Finetuned the skin.ini, optimized all .wav’s R128 and prerecorded 4 hours already with ‘mixdown’ to mp3. So far, so good. Queston: what is ‘autofloat’ to be used in creating a template and what does it do?

Hi and welcome aboard :blush:

According to the introduction page of Auto Float in v6.0:

Auto-Float and Fixed timing

mAirList can now automatically remove underrun and overflow sections in playlist, by moving songs up or down the playlist until all gaps are filled, and no songs remain in overflow status. This is enabled by clicking the new Auto-Float buttton in the playlist control bar, or enabling the respective option in the playlist configuration.

Only items with “Normal” timing will be affected by auto-float. There is a new timing option called “Fixed” to be used for items that should never float. If you build chains of “Fixed” items (e.g. news opener + news file + news close), this will prevent other items from breaking the chain by floating it between two items of the chain. The same is true for chains of “Backtimed” items.

To prevent items from floating around particular “checkpoints”, e.g. the top of the hour, use the new Prevent auto float around this item playlist item option.

Thanks Stefan, guess I just have to give it a try… :wink:

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Suggestion: You can try this in an active playlist by using this button in the playout window too and see what it does…

Screenshot 2023-03-04 150458