Autofade / crossfade

Hello Everyone
I’m quite new (happy) in mAirlist. I am very impressed about the software: Beautiful Radio Automation Software! Excellent!

Where do I find AutoFade+ I’d like every piece of music with a crossfade in 3 sec: All music (but of cours not jingles, VT, speak etc.)

How do I config mAirlist?
Thanks in advance.

Using mAirlist 6,3

I think it’s in control panel, fades, but it’s better to edit track by track but of course to save time it’s better to let the software work :smiley:

There is not gneric fixed fade time setting, because mairlist is acting much more advanced.
It detects decrasing of the volume at the end of the track and calculates an individual Fade-Time per Track.

It is highly recommendet to use a database, because all these POI are stored there, once it is configured and all files are analyzed.

Following that you can than manually edit the Jingles. There is even a “StartNext” Marker, that has priority over the Fade Marker, if I’m not mistakin. So you can remove the fading and Set the StartNext Marker so it matches a sound effect in the Jingle for example.

That sounds way better than a fixed fade-time.