Autocue library

Hi guys,

I have been looking around the forum and didn’t find a good sollution to this “problem”
All my files are added to the library and also placed in the virtual folders from the database.
Now I have changed the settings from autocue (Yes I know, I should have done it BEFORE adding the music in my library) And I would like to modify all songs to the new settings.
Offcourse I can open each track individually and pres the 'auto’button for every function, but I was hoping there was an option to do it in one command for all tracks…
You can call me lazy, I just would like to get the software running as soon as possible and later adjust all cues I would like to edit…

In the forum there was an opertunity mentioned wich i should delete all tracks from virtual folders, then synchronize and place them in the folders again. Well this is not an option because placing all tracks in the right virtual folder took me several weeks aswell…

Can someone help me on this issue?

Best regards,


Mass edit.
Select the track you want in the database, right mouse click and click on mass edit.