Auto playlist


I come for working with RCS and now started a home radio station and founded this as a superb system.

I do have a small problem and i have google and look on this forum but i cant fined a solution.

  1. I have made a music block and the playlist and everything works superb. When the event for loading next hour’s playlist is loaded and start the i have first a TOP HOUER ID, it start’s but fade asap and then next song starts.
    What have i done wrong???

  2. Can you set so the event bribing up the playlist for the next hour to not for start XX:00 instead let the playing song to end be for next hour starts?

Not sure if I understand question 1 - can you please explain a bit more? What do you mean by “top hour ID fades”? Are you referring to an audio file that you use as hour ID? (The one from the hour template editor is just a dummy item.)

  1. First of all, modify the hourly event as follows:
  • Minute: 58 instead of 00
  • Action: Change from “Load and play database playlist” to “append database playlist”. Make sure that the option “Load playlist for next hour” is checked.

Now mAirList will append the next playlist two minutes before the top of the hour. The fixed time will make the automation fade to the “start of the hour” element at xx:00:00. Same as before up to this point.

Now the trick is to change the timing of the hour start element from Hard to Soft. This will make the current song fade out before the new hour kicks in.

Load playlist for next hour fix the problem i had. Thanks for that :stuck_out_tongue:

Broadcast during the night (for us) there is not so important that the system change the playlist exact 00:00. Is there a way to let the system not end current song (when a song overrun the top hour).

Change the timing of the “start of hour” marker from Hard to Soft in the hour template.