Auto Mode Question

I wonder if you can answer a question.

I sometimes have to switch from Assist to Auto during a live show as I need to leave studio for a few minutes. Often when I press switch to auto during a song playing, It will fade out the playing and skip to the next one when I don’t want it to, causing me to have to stop and recue then hit play, then off it goes normally unit I get back and take control again

Why does it do this ? Any idea

Why don’t you link the items in assist mode, look in the mix editor where the transition between a/b and go.

Hi Henk I’ll try that, can you link more than two, eg, end of song - jingle- song?

Switching between Auto and Assist should work too. To me it looks like you are having a fixed time somewhere in your upcoming playlist. That’s why the current song fades when you kick in Auto.

But as Henk mentioned, you can link as many songs, jingles, whatever you like in the playlist. The linked items will show with a chain and will be played entirely so could can visit the bathroom without a hurry :wink: No need to switch to Auto.

You can link every song in the Playlist just press the link colum, the last one has a broken chain that’s where the automation stops. But if you want to continue press the next song and that one has the broken chain.
After that you can select all the tracks and open the mix editor and adjust the transition.

Thank you Henk. Your advice was very valuable, Tried it this morning. Brilliant no more worries about loo visits during show.

You really learn something every time in here, Its great

I only do live (or recorded) and the auto mode is not visible in my screen. Everything is in assist mode and music jingle music always don by the link mode.

Glad I could help you, thats is where the forum is for :smiley: