Auto Link Mix Editor


I’ve seen this was talked about a long time ago, but I can’t see that it has been implemented: Mix editor

Would it be possible to have an option for auto linking items that are modified in the Mix editor?

When in assist mode the the “mix” doesn’t work without linking. It would be nice if it was a one step process, rather than two (just mix, rather than mix and link).


Torben explains it in the topic where you refer to.
On the end right there are white dots if you tab them the become green.
And the green dots are linked the play till the last dot in assist mode.

Thanks for the reply Henk.

I know you can do it manually - but I’d like it to be automatic if you use the mix editor. So the tracks that you mix edit/overlay, then save, should automatically link.

Interesting idea.
I have moved this to “Feature Requests” so that Torben will have a look on it, if this is possible.

Matt, have you experimented with the Multi-track Container?

Seems like it might achieve the end result you describe: select arbitrary items, add to Multi-Track Container from context menu, select freshly-created MT Container, Mix Editor (selection) from context menu and adjust your cues, fades and overlaps. Save the container and it’s ready to play all items with the segues you’ve set up. No linking required.

Apologies if you have other resons for requiring links.


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