Auto import for Cue sheet

Maybe it is already possible and I overlooked things, anyway… is it possible to Auto import a Cue sheet?
This so pre-recorded shows always contain the correct metadata.


I think it already does, but only if there is no metadata from a database, MMD file or (mAirList-style) ID3 tag present.

It is a new mixdown with Cue.
Not existing in the Db nor it has a MMD file.

Have tested it, but the cue sheet only works when doing manual import.

What’s the name of the audio file, and the name of the cue sheet file?

Test.mp3 and Test.mp3.cue
I tried also renaming the cue to Test.cue without success

Can you please upload the files somewhere and send a link to Thanks.

On its way via Wetransfer

Thanks, it was actually a bug, now fixed in b3844.

Thanks… you are the best!