Auto Duck When Playing Cart?

As in some other software, when you play a cart, you have the option to have it auto duck the main volume so that if you are playing something over music, the cart audio is not squashed or drowned out. Of course normally you would lower the volume on the playing track slightly when playing a sound effect or voice drop over the playing music. Having auto duck is pretty helpful. Is this not a feature in mAirList?

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No, it’s not.

mAirList is intended for using in Studios where presenters can move faders. :wink:

But there’s a background script that you can use to ducks the players everytime you press a cart.

The forum’s scripting expert @tondose did one afaik, maybe he is so generous to post it here. :slight_smile:


Ok, thanks Stefan. True it is possible to set it up with the mixer. Just a bit easier if it was built in. :wink:

Perhaps the other member will share the script… :innocent:

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Hi, as far as I remember said script was written by @shorty.xs with some evolvement of mine. It was meant to duck the player while activating the microphone button, not the cartwall. I do not know if this could be adapted easily. But,as this would make it, as you say, only


I’m a bit loath to classify this as ultimately urgent. Sorry.


Edit: I have found a script I actually wrote which might serve your needs (thanks @Stefan_Hillen). Just let me check it if it really works.