Auto/Assist bug


Recently we have discovered a bug in mAirlist, namely:

When mAirlist is in assist-mode, and the next event is executed (load the news, next playlist and set mAirlist to auto-mode) the auto-mode uses two players, but it would only be one according to our settings.

It only happens when mAirlist is in assist-mode, when going from auto-mode to auto-mode nothing special’s happens.

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Note: the url to the bug tracker didn’t work(?)

So just to get you right:

  • Music is playing Player A
  • Event fires
  • News is loaded into Player B
  • “Next” is executed, so Player B starts and Player A fades
  • Automation is turned on

Have you tried to change the order of the actions, turning automation on as the first step, then inserting the news, then AUOMATION NEXT?

The bug tracker has been turned off yesterday, as most people have used the forum to report bugs anyway.

  • music is playing in Player A in assist-mode
  • Event fires (see attachment)
  • Automation is turned on in 2 players

The point is that it always worked, but since a few updates it is acting strange…

Changing the order of actions is something we didn’t tried.

event.txt (854 Bytes)

Does it continue to play on both players, or does it revert back to one player after the first song is finished?

To make it hard :frowning: :

Sometimes it continues in two players and sometimes in one player…

Can you please check if the option “Use in automation” is turned on for all players?

The option ‘use in automation’ is turned on for both players. The strange thing is that it was never a problem until a while…

Here is what happens:

Ok, I found the root cause/explanation for this:

Usually, mAirList will unload all unused players at the time AUTO is enabled. So with the song in Player A, and the news in B, normally B should be unloaded, and everything is played through A.

The only exception is when a player is currently in “loading” state. Two things to consider:

  1. Loading takes place asynchronously in the background and can take a “long” time, e.g. for stream items.
  2. There is currently no way to cancel a “loading” process.

So the automation does not wait for the player to finish loading (in order to unload it again right away), but just accepts that it is in use, and will use it to play the news item.

Actually, after that, it should revert back to a single player. That’s at least what I expect, but there might be a bug somewhere.

However I think all of this could be prevented by changing the order of the actions, that is, first turning AUTO on, then loading the playlist.