Audio Problem

All my audio devices (D&R Airlite USB-channels / Behringer FCA1616) are giving problems like in the attachments. At the start of a new track it seems like mAirlist can’t handle it. It doesn’t matter if i choose wasapi, directsound or, in case of the behringer, Asio-drivers. I’ve tried everything. What’s happening and how to fix it?


PS: The recording is audio straight from the mAirlist output without processing.

Audioproblem.mp3 (187 KB)

We have the same issue, using the D&R Airlite. Not with every song or file, but very repeatedly.

When we use external routing, one can hear the creaking sound also on the stream. When mAirList is used in internal routing mode (direct to encoder), the creaking sounds is not noticable on the stream. We hear it in the studio, because there we listen to the output of the D&R Airlite.

mAirList 6.0.4

Also with the FCA1616 the same problem occurs. So the problem isn’t the Airlite. I think…

Sounds like the buffer size is too small. Has it always been this way, or have the problems only occured lately?

Yesterday i updated mAirlist to 6.1 Beta. Till then zo now en then this problem occurs. Now it’s constantly. I checked it and now the wasapi is in use. So i changed the buffersize from the standard 50ms to 1000ms. Just to be sure this will be the problem. I keep you posted…