Audio Logger question

if I would run the Mair audio logger on my air … how much extra load does this give on the onair pc. My configuration is a Intel I7 with 8Gb Ram and a 500Gb SSD drive. It only runs onair + remote voice tracking and the encoder for stream. For the moment I have 15% CPU load. For those who did it or has done it, any feedback appreciated.


Just check with the trial version… But most of the CPU load is caused by the actual encoder (lame.exe) thread, so it should be comparable to your existing encoder in mAirList.

I’m currently running AltCast (pushing to our Shoutcast server), and Audio Logger on a Pentium G3250 CPU at 3.40GHz, with 4GB RAM on Windows 7 Pro 64bit.

CPU is 26% and memory usage is 1.39GB.

To give you an idea, I’m also remoting in via TeamViewer to get this information, so TeamViewer will also be consuming some of those resources.

I hope that gives you an idea.