Audio Logger Email Issue

I have a strange problem with Audio logger, it does run brilliantly. I have email address configured for silence detection. It worked as it should, however beginning of this week an attempt was made to hack my email so I changed the password used with email, also changing the password with Audio Logger.

Audio Logger now says User name and password is incorrect , it absolutely is not. Its completely correct. I’ve checked so many times . How is this the case ?

Kind regards

To be honest… no idea :frowning:

Why should it work with one password but not the other?

Its an issue I’ve never seen before either

Torben for your benefit and mine. Its been solved.

What happened. when I changed the password within Google Account Setting, It turned off Allow Less Secure Apps. I turned this back on. Hit Test I got greeted with “Test Email has been sent”
Thanks for trying to help though