Audimark (who what etc)

Hi Torben,
I’ve been quiet of late… Truth is, everything is working and nothing has broke, features are all there and haven’t had a problem… (yet)

What’s Audimark ? Can’t make too much of the website (German), and your post in the German section appears to explain it as some sort of placeholder for Ad Breaks scheduled in a Traffic Scheduler or something ? As I can’t do anything with it on the free licence - I wonder if my assumption is correct about it being an Ad Break util ?

audimark is a small German company, acting as a broker for radio advertisements for internet radios. They arrange and compile the ad breaks, which can then be downloaded either as a HTTP stream or (more comfortable, if the application supports this) through a special DLL. mAirList now supports this DLL, and the ad breaks are maintained as a special kind of playlist item.

audimark also provides a plugin for the streaming server software, which ensures that the breaks are actually broadcasted, and determines the number of listeners currently connected. You are then paid a certain amount of money, according to the number of listeners.

audimark is already used by many stations throughout Germany. The concept is very unique. I’m sure this or a similar service will be available in other countries as well soon.

Looks similar to Google Radio Ads as in the US

Sure, but doesn’t Google focus on the large FM stations? audimark aims at providing service solely to (even small to mid-size) internet radios, which haven’t been able to broadcast ads before, at least not in Germany, because there was no “marketing” for them.

Thanks for that… That idea sounds like quite a good one.