Attribute in playlist column


I searched for a while now to see if i could add a column in the playlist with a specific attribute.

I can’t find what the standard playlist columns are and if i can add a column with just one of the atributes.

Can someone let me know how to do it?

For which version do you ask?

Right now i’m working in version 7

For version 7 you can use the debug mode to modify the layout of a playlist.
in this post there is a complete tutorial on how to work with the debug mode:

It would be great to know which attributes you like to insert in the playlist.

  • There are system-attributes like: Player - Timing - Time - Expand - Titel -Icon and so on


  • Standard-attributes: which you can define by yourself: Those could be placed by using the option “Attribute1 … Attribute2 …” up to attribute8.

at least there are somehow systemfields available. I think this option is already implemented.

  • Custom1 … Custom2 … up to Custom8

This all could beset and defined in the skin.ini

Please note:
[*] Playlist skin: “Custom” columns renamed to “Dynamic” columsn (Dynamic1 etc.)
to work around naming conflict with “Custom1” etc. playlist item types

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Ohhh … thanks for the important info :slight_smile:

Thank you all! Another question and maby i overlooked: the default in a playlist is that i need to click on the arrow to see text i put in the description for that song. Where can i change it so the text is always visible without first needing to click on the arrow?

Unfortunately this functionality is no longer available in version 7 (big problem for me…).
But according to Torben it will be implemented again in a later update.

Ahhh thank you, than i’m not looking for it any longer :wink: