ASIO problem


I seem to have an ASIO problem om my playout machine. The soundcard im using on my machine is the Delta 1010LT. In my audio settings i can choose my outputs in both Directsound configuration, and ASIO configuration. When i started using this machine, i used directsound, which caused trouble. I was told by torben to use the ASIO configuration, which worked perfectly. Now all of a sudden, there are moments when i can’t choose to use the ASIO configuration, and the directsound config are the only ones in the list. When i reboot the computer, and i first fire up the configuration settings of mairlist, before starting mairlist itself, my asio outputs are back again, and i can use mairlist again. After some time, those asio outputs are gone again, and mairlist gets unusable.

I already tried reinstalling the drivers of my Delta card, but it didn’t work. Any other suggestions how i can fix this?


Are there any errors in the system log when you start mAirList, “unable to initialize device” or so? Usually this happens when the sound card is in use by another application (or Windows systems sounds) already.

Error Error initializing ASIO device 0: BASS_ASIO_Init: can’t find a free sound driver (BASS error 3)

is in the log. I saw that the onboard soundcard isn’t recognized anymore, so i think i have to get that one going again, set that as default sounddevice in windows. Am i thinking in the right direction?

Tomorrow i will try and get the onboard card going, and see if it will make a difference.

The Delta drivers are indeed a little strange to install. You must first install the driver BEFORE you seat the PCI card. Also, I use ASIO without issue. I have my onboard sound device disabled in the BIOS. Have never had a problem that you describe.

Cheers, Alec M