Artist / Song separation

I have a question about the picture below. I played this song manually in the playlist at 14:08.
My “Artist separation” is set at 2 hours and penalty 2. How is it possible that this song is still selected by the database within 2 hours? What I expect is that database “looks” at the field when song was last played and selects it or in this case puts it at the bottom of the list / index.
I would love to change this behaviour.


The mini scheduler plans on the information of “last planned”, not “last played”.

Some radio stations plan one day or one week in advance. To keep the distance between the tracks / artists for the next 12 / 24 / etc. hours, you need the “planned” information, not the “played”.

…but how about live requests played during a show?

Just to confirm: Even if mAirlist would plan the following playlist by itself right after the show it would be possible to get an entry of a title that was played one hour ago because mAirlist does not look into the “last played” data? :thinking:

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Thanks for your reply. Is it possible to change that? It should be last played I think, because it is also possible that tracks are not played but scheduled. (last 2-3 tracks before TOH)

Also I would like to receive a pop-up when I insert a track that was played with the “Artist separation” or scheduled to be played after the “Artist separation” time in the future. Then it is up to me to insert the track or change my mind.

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I definitely +1 this :wink:

At the moment it’s not possible - due to the dabase model and scheduling system. Torben needs to “re-invent” the whole system; nearly writing a complete new code of this part of mAirList (that’s what I understood). Too many different elements work together in this planning.

mAirList v8.x? :upside_down_face:

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we are going for the 7.0 Beta version :innocent:

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If there wouldn’t have been this f*** SARS-CoV-2 virus, Torben would have had very much more time for programming and holidays.

Instead, he was teacher at home and responsible person for kids fun in the meantime.

I’m afraid, this is a long way to go. We don’t publish an upgrade that costs money and there is nothing really new for our customers.
However, each time when I look in the mAirList research laboratory :upside_down_face: I don’t see anything that looks like a v7; not even an alpha or something like that. Nothing.
It must be extremely top secret (CEO only?).

I agree with this need: “last played” instead of “last planned”. I am familiar with the fact that the Mini Scheduler is just a simple scheduler. Not to be compared with applications such as Music Master or Powergold. But the choice for the rule “last planned” is very unfavorable in practice. I hope that Torben gives this toppriority and finds the time to adjust, because many users are really affected by this.


How about a “mix”:
Use “last played” for dates in the past, and “last planned” for dates in the future? So mini-scheduler would make the separation based on the last played and next planned dates. Using last planned has another disadvantage of “punishing” skipped tracks which actually never aired.