Are INI 'templates' possible?

Since the sea change in the way mAirList Config options and files are now stored, and because like many users I have copied and pasted from old to new INI files, I am not now sure which entries in my INI files are still valid, and which are now redundant.

Can I therefore suggest that you create a set of ‘template’ files (one per new INI file), which contain a full set of valid sections (though obviously only one [Playlistn] or [Playerx_y] for example!), and every valid keyname under each of those sections? I would suggest that the ZIPfile would be a separate download on the main mAirList site as a sort of ‘reference.’

This would be a big help to mAirList ‘old timers’ like me, who could then use these ‘templates’ to remove any redundant v2.0 entries from our current ‘hybrid’ INI files.

Torben: would that be a very big job for you, or not? I would certainly find it VERY helpful and useful! (grovel!)