Are Forum messages working?

Sorry to ask - but I messaged Torbin but no reply… but think it could be Firefox and my web connection…

6Towns Radio Group.

Please check your e-mail inbox. I was very busy last week - after you sent me the reminder PM through the forum, I replied to you original e-mail.

Hello Torbin.

Thanks for the reply - finally found it!


Leigh: Welcome to the forums.

The developer’s name is Torben and not Torbin.
(He’s much too nice a guy to mention that himself!)
Torben is normally VERY quick at responding to queries, but he’s very recently moved house.

This forum is the best place to ask any questions you may have about mAirList. Many of us here are long-time users of the product as well as being involved in radio for many years, so don’t feel that you need to go direct to Torben if you need to know anything. We’re a friendly bunch and 9 times out of 10, we’ll be able to help, advise, and answer your queries, typically the same day or at worst, by the next day. :slight_smile:


Never mind the spelling mistake, it has happend to a couple of people before, in particular when I said my name and someone wrote it down. The way “-ben” is pronounced in German seems to make English speaking people think its spelled “-bin”.

The message from Leigh was about licensing for a particular station, so it was perfectly ok to send that by e-mail. But it’s true that I have been very busy (it’s getting better now) and wasn’t able to keep my usual response time :slight_smile: