AppendPlaylist : do not exist anymore ?

Hi everybody,

Migrating my previous v2 scripts into a v4 version, I faced an obstacle : AppendPlaylist method (for playbackControl object) doesn’t exist anymore…

Is there any counterpart ? I filled an IPlaylist with a file (m3u) and want it to be append to the currentPlaylist in mAirlist…

Thanks for your help.


Use Append instead.


Ok. I will try tonight.

By the way, is the documentation .chm file up-to-date ? Looking for the “AppendList” reference, I didn’t find nothing like “append” method into it yesterday… or perhaps, I’m looking the wrong way…

Mind the class hierarchy - IPlaybackControl is an (indirect) ancestor of IBaseList, where that method is defined.

Yes. “Append” method works fine.

Thanks Torben. Sorry for disturbing you so often since a few days…