Append Playlist soft fixed time at xx:58:00 instead of 00:00:00

Is it possible to set the soft fixed time to xx:58:00 (previous hour) instead of 00:00:00? Almost every hour my new playlist starts at xx:03:00 because mAirlist starts a 4 minute song at xx:59:xx. I’m do not want to use hard fixed times, because I don’t like my songs being cut off.

I tried some stuff with the forward and backward clock on the event, but without any luck.

Learned a nice trick the other day: Set the fixed time of the first item to 23:58:00 - this does actually work (e.g. 15:00:00 + 23:58:00 = 14:58:00 - day part will be omitted).

Another possibility is to use the “time frame” setting for the fixed time. Enter e.g. 60 and mAirList will delay the fixed time start by up to 60 seconds, depending on the remaining time of the previous item.

Cool trick, that fixed it :slight_smile: btw not sure if it is intentional but there is no time frame option available in the append playlist action in the event scheduler, only on a item.

I recommend to use a “top of the hour” dummy at the beginning of each playlist. It’s more flexible than the fixed time options in the playlist load/append events.

Usually I make a folder “special items” in the DB, add a dummy “top of the hour” to it, note its ID, and then add it as “Specific item” to the top of each hour template, setting time to fixed 00:00:00.

It will also make it rather easy to schedule multi-hour audio files (say a 2-hour live recording) - just put it into the playlist for the first hour, and remove the TOTH dummy from the second hour so that no fixed time will be executed and the audio file keeps playing.