APE files

I’ve placed the BASS_APE.dll file in the mairlist program folder, added the APE extension to the additional extensions list, but I get an error when dragging an ape file to my playlist.
Somewhere else I’ve read that I had to load the plugin on the BASS page of the configuration tool but I don’t see a way to do this.
I’m using the latest 2.1 release …

What should I do?

Kind regards!!

The 2.1 release recognizes the plugins automatically if you put them into the plugins\bass subfolder of your mAirList installation directory.

For the 2.0 release, you need to manually register the plugins in the config.


There wasn’t such a folder plugins\bass so I created it manually and placed the dll there, it works :slight_smile:
In the mairlist folder was a readme.txt file saying, place your bass dll’s here, so that’s what I did first.

There must be a mistake in the packaging scripts then.

Did you use the setup.exe or the zipped version?

Downloaded the setup version, not the zipped.
In fact, I “opened” the setup instead of first saving it to my hard drive (if that could make any difference)


I have found the mistake in the installer script. Should be fixed in the latest versions (v.27 and v.28).