Another Playlist Error??

First, I’m using 3.1.0, build 751.

I have it enabled so that the player colors are also placed in the playlist (Colors NEXT and ON-AIR).
Currently, player0_0 is sky blue and player0_1 is yellow. The same colors properly appear in the playlist.

When I play an item in either player, there is a skin.ini entry to change the playing player to red. Works fine. However, should the ON-AIR box in the playlist also change to red? It does not; instead, it remains the same color as before. (ex: player changes from yellow to red when playing, yellow ON-AIR playlist box remains yellow).

A bug or operator error? :slight_smile:

Best regards, Alec…

No, the color is not supposed to change. The primary purpose of the player colors is to give the user visual feedback on which item is loaded into which player. This information should stay intact as the item is loading or playing, so you still know which player to start or stop.

You can turn off the colored box altogether in the playlist GUI options (“Use player colors”).


Thanks. Would this be something that should be added? Given one purpose of the box is to give visual feedback on which item is playing, it seems that it would be helpful for the box to change in step with the color change of the player. In my set-up, the box would remain yellow when loaded but then change to red to associate itself with the player that also changed from yellow to red. Once the player stops, it changes back to yellow and the box would also change to yellow.

Because I’m a novice to this program, this may or may not be a good idea :slight_smile:

Best Regards, Alec

Do you have any state-dependent RowColor entries in the Playlist section of your skin.ini? If so, you could just use the same colors for the playlist rows and for the players for each player state - although that would mean that the entire row would be colored, not only the player indication box.

Unfortunately, due to the modular design of the mAirList GUI, the playlist GUI object cannot access the player GUI objects currently, so it’s not possible to grab the current (skin.ini-based) player color and display it in the small “on air” box.

I’m planning to redesign the players in a future release, perhaps I can make it possible then.


Yes, I have set both the PlayingRowColor and playing player to red. The row font and player both turn red during play. Much better. However, am I correct that the playlist box will still remain the original color, even though all other row colors have changed (yellow in this case)?

Regards, Alec

Yes, the player box will always use the “player color”, that is, the color set up in the player configuration.

Very good. Thanks for all your effort regarding this post.

Regards, Alec

As Torben correctly says, if you clear this checkbox, the player/state/backtiming ‘box’ in each Playlist row ‘takes on’ the same background colour as the rest of the Playlist row, including any changes to the colour (such as by adding PlayingRowColor as you have already done).

After doing this, you might need to add stuff like PlayingPlayerNameFontColor as well.


Cad, Thank you.

Regards, Alec