An R128 Workflow - import to playout

Hello everyone, its lovely to join this forum as a current trial user of a Home license.

I have setup a local mAirListDB and I would now like to attempt to recreate this workflow:

  1. On “Import” of my FLAC files, analyse the item for its R128 loudness and save the value into the database.

  2. On playout from Player 1.1 or Player 1.2 or Cartplayer, the playout level is the R128 corrected level, not the one of the file itself (many of which may be 0 dBFS level).

All advice warmly appreciated!

Thank you,


Hello Lan,

please check the configuration: Miscellaneous > File Import.

Since the calculation of the loudness level needs a few seconds per file, we recommend not to activate this feature at the first import of all files to the database.
It’s okay when you want to import one or two CDs, but not the whole HDD / SSD…
Files that have been imported to the database without loudness calculation can be calculated later through mass tagging.

I’m not sure if I understand your second question.
The file itself won’t be changed, only its properties. This includes a correction of the amplification value. This is the difference between the loudness of the file and the target level. Example: Loudness -10 LUFS, target -23 LUFS, amplification -13.

Before you start normalization, please make sure that you have chosen the right normalization method in the configuration.

Thank you for such a great answer.

I will rephrase my second question: will doing the steps you describe mean that if files are imported with the loudness correction, will they be played back in mAirList having had that correction applied?

Also, why is ‘Normalize files during import’ ticked as well as ‘Determine R128 loudness during import’?

Thank you :slight_smile:

Another question - despite them all being R128 analysed, they still play back at their true peak level?

So what setting do I need to change so they play back at their R128 value?

Thank you!