An advice with stream monitor

I have discovered STream monitor few weeks ago. And it seems very usefull for DJs and show from outside of the studio.
I’m looking for some advice. Because, it seems to work. But i’ve got just a little problem as soon as the stream is disconnecting.
I’m not using stream monitor as high priority encoder. Because i don’t use mairlist encoder.
So i’m using action at start and at end.

When the stream is detected, it’s playing a stream in the playout, and the playout is still in auto mode. Everything works perfect without blank.
As soon as I stop the stream, the playout is trying to reload the stream about 10 times . And after the 10th time, it plays the next song. So there is 10 seconds blank.
I don’t manage to find the good way to avoid this blank.


So far, I have only used the stream monitor, with the high priority Input, with Icecast as a source.

I assume, that reconnection of a lost stream, that is a stream element in the Playlist, is the wanted behavior, in case of Connection problems.

What kind of Server are you using, to source the stream to mAirlist?
Do you have any commands set, within the stream monitor, to execute on source lost?

I’m using an icecast server.
On source lost, there is only one action : stop encoder, because I use it to record in a file.


And before using stream monitor, I inserted stream in the playlist.
And after connection lost, mairlist didn’t try to reconnect 10 times.


You can add a second command on stop. „Automation Next“, that should force to skip the stream element.

thanks for this advice but it’s worst.
Automation next doesn’t kill the stream.
So the player try to reload it, and play next song, the stream, the next song, etc…


I’m availing of containment period to improve different features of mairlist that i’m using.
I’m using stream monitor, even more on these days. All collaborators are doing their radio shows from their house.
I’m not using high priority encoder, because i’m using an external sound processor.

So as soon as stream is detected, stream monitor play an icecast stream. It works. But it’s not really an item i could manage from database.
When the stream is connected, icecast stream is playing. It works
But when stream is down, mairlist is trying to reconnect maybe 10 or 15 times. So each time, there is 10 or 15 seconds of blank.
When i’m doing the same thing without using stream monitor, an using an stream item from database, mairlist doesn’t try to reconnect, and play the next playlist item.

Is there a way to avoid this blank using stream monitor without using high priority encoder ?

Can anyone tell me how to use stream monitor? how does it work. how do you schedule it? we cant have it connecting automatically when someone connects to stream we need them to be scheduled as we have news output inbetween shows… please help

It seems that there is multiple possibility to use stream monitor.
At first, you have to configure your soundcard with encoder high priority output if you use mairlist as a streaming encoder. So as soon as you stream something, stream monitor wil play in priority.

For my part, i’m not using mairlist encoder.
So i’ve entered my stream URL as adress to watch in stream monitor, and an action at start which include stream URL in my playlist.
So the previous song is fading and stream is playing
You have to use a private stream URL, as you could do with icecast mountpoint.


So you don’t have to schedule it.
As soon as you stream to your private stream URL, something will happen in Mairlist.
It’s very useful during this containment period to still doing radio shows from our house.
But if it’s not used corectly, so your airplay could be disturbed.

I’m still in this problem.

How to add an item by a remote control command ?
It seems that
don’t work anymore ?


It’s a bug, ADDID/INSERTID do what ADDFILE/INSERTFILE are supposed to do, and vice versa. I’ll fix it.

For your information, i’ve solved my problem with a tricky way. But it works !
When you want to play an external stream with mairlist, there is two possibilities :

  • play a stream
  • play an item which is a stream
    But an item contains more settings. especially one to adjust the reconnection time


I couldn’t insert an item by an action. So I’ve created a playlist with only my stream item.
And as soon as stream monitor is online, it inserts and play my playlist.
And it works, when my stream is down, there is only two reconnection and after, the next item is played.