Album cover with Azuracast

Hello to you friends of mAirlist!

I’m delighted to have integrated this forum !

I had a question, I’m going through Azuracast for the Icecast server (in order to avoid flux interruptions), I wanted to know, how could Azuracast recover the Album covers from mAirlist?

Pending your help, thank you!

Hello and welcome to the mAirList community. :slightly_smiling_face:

The album cover is not part of the metadata transferred to the streaming server. There were some discussions before, most of them in the german section of this forum; I have to search them.

By the way, we recommend not to save the album cover as a part of the element properties in the database. mAirList is able to show them directly out of the ID3-Tag or Vorbis comments without importiing them into the database.
This allows you to significantly shrink your database. :wink:

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