Album Art

I dont believe there is a way, so would it be at all possible??

I use mediamonkey for tagging etc and always download the album art, it would be really nice if when i play a track it displays the album art in someway.

It would be the album art of most recent to start playing, so it overwrites the current image when a new file is loaded.

hope that makes sense.

many thanks

I recall I had looked into this, but somehow it wasn’t (easily) possible with the ID3 components I use. I can check it again if you like.

i was just speaking to another friend who uses it and we both said that it would be a nice feature to have, but its not really an essential, more of a ‘if you get chance’.

I dont want to distract you away from the exciting mairlistDB!!


I have to say: I’ve never understood why anyone would want to see ‘album art’ in any playout program.


Probably because it is a good way of seeing where it comes from, some interesting looking ones spark interesting talkies and also because a quick glance at something like that saves researching during tracks to find out which album a song comes from.

If it can be implemented, of course it could be an optional feature so you won’t have to see it. i can imagine there will be various people like yourself who wouldnt like it, but various people i have spoken to think that it would actually be a good idea.