Album art in Players (XML-layout)

Hi Torben,

Could you add an object ‘album art’ to the (XML-)Layout of the players?
It’s nice to have the album front covers in the playlist, but showing them in the players would also be great.


Would like to bring this one up again, I think it would be a cool feature to have the possibility to show the album art in the players.
Come to think of it, maybe also nice to have a separate optional window to show the “Now Playing” album art too. (see screenshot)


Small suggestion: Why not make some screenobjects, which can than be edited in the Layout Designer, showing the Album Art for Player A, B, C and D and one for the Current-On-Air Player?
This way everybody can design the Album Art to his or hers liking and, if not desired, just leave it as it is :wink:
This shouldn’t be too much work (I guess) and would be really appreciated.

Is there any progress with this idea? I am waiting for it :wink:

This idea is old, but nothing happend?
very sad about that…
it should be possible to place a cover image where you want it.