Airmate 8 Voip

Dear Community, hope you can help.
Got Airmate 8, i have a VOIP line with soft play phone line.
When i take callers and the music is broadcasting. I press CUE on Mic and Cue on Voip line but when i press talk back i cannot hear caller as the music is overpowering. Soon as i take the caller live there is no issues.
How i can i listen to caller without overpowering music, is there something i am doing wrong, is there any other settings i should have configured or any other buttons i should have pressed?
Please help. Many Thanks.


Hi Kal,

welcome to the community and our forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Would you please be so kind to enter your license number in the forum profil (it’s not visible for the public, only for the mAirList team). Thank you.
Exception: You still have a trial license for the next days. :wink:

Well, I have an Airmate USB, but no VOIP (double phone line). Maybe @calypso60 can help? I think his Airmate has a VOIP channel. Am I right?

In general, I think you should search in the “Master” section of your mixer.
Have you tried the balance in the split signal (marked in the screenshot)?


If it’s this one, it has nothing to do especially with VOIP, but I’m not sure.

Yes, you’re right. I think your hint could be the solution.

In general there’s no need to press CUE on Mic-Channel (but I don’t think that causes your problem). You only have to press CUE on VOIP-Channel. Then you should hear the callers voice (if connected). For talking off-air to the caller keep in mind that you have to use the TB-Button in VOIP-Channel and use (unfortunately) the built-in Mic in Mastersection.

Thank you so much for your feedback, i will add Licence number later today when i am by the Airmate.
My mixer is the one in your screen shot.

Hello @calypso60
Thank you for your feedback, my Airmate 8 is the one that @UliNobbe has shown, apart from mic sign everything is the same.
Do i need to press the clear feed, aux,ann buttons down so green lights are on?
i’m not tech friendly at all.
When i press the TB button on Voip channel just cant hear the caller just the music i am playing.
If i stop the music and press the TB button i can hear everything the caller is saying. When i take them live there are no issues at all.


Hi Kal,

where did you connect your headphones? In front or in rear jack?
Did you check the split button? Is it up or down?


Hi Martin,
the Headphones are connected on top of Mixer, the split button is up.


Very strange…
How about the other VOIP-Channel? Same problem?

Hi Martin,
i just got a reply from D&R about the question isent on this forum.
Hello Khalid,

There is a modification which I think isn’t in your voip channels.

By changing R31 from 10k to 200k the dim function caller receives less audio so the talkback can be heard.

If you have soldering skills in SMT you can change them yourself.

Or we can send replacement Voip channels and you can return yours when you swapped them.

Is it easy to replace Channel outputs Martin?

On D&R-website you’ll find an instruction sheet with many pictures how to replace channels.
Check it out and decide if you feel up to it.