Airlite how to turn faderstart off

Hi y’all,
My first post in this forum, thanks to you all I managed tot get Mairlist working, synchronised my audio files and programmed my Airlite mixer. Many thanks for all the tips and tricks I found in this forum!

One more thing, I could not figure out. Faderstart is i.m.h.o. a function from the vinyl era, I want to turn faderstart off on all modules and just use the buttons. Can that be configured in the mairlist configurator remote-control area, if so: how?? If not: the I know I can stop trying :wink:

Thanks in advance!


Hi Johan,

it’s not possible to disable Fader Start only.

But there’s a workaround. (Downside: The Airlite isn’t showing the track state anymore.)

1.) Unlink the whole USB channel in this section of the Airlite remote settings inside of mAirlist for both players:

Don’t forget to apply the settings.

In the next step move to the tab called “Modules”.

Set the remote commands for the modules you’re using for your players and fill in the commands like in this screenshot.

Player 1-1 is the first player of the first Playlist, Player 1-2 the second one etc…

You can use every command of this list according to your needs.

As an Airlite-User (who doesn’t like the on-button-location on top of the players) by myself here’s just another suggestion that may be helpful for you:

In mAirlist you can chain all commands by using the ; .

I associated key A8 with the following command-chain:


It will fade out any cartwall item (like beds etc.) if there’s one playing, starts the next item no matter if mAirlist is in Auto or Assist mode and set mAirlist in AUTO mode if it has been in ASSIST before.

Key B8 is associated with the command:


that simply turns of the Automation like a “Stop Next” function or turn it on if I changed it to Assist (but whithout starting any song immediately like A8 does).

So I have two buttons on my right hand to start the next song while the recent one is fading out, and can use the faders with the left hand to level the audio when talking…

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I never use faderstart on it’s own but in your setup you can start a record while the fader is down.
I see it more as an failsafe fader down you can’t start the record, there’s a lot I don’t like about D&R but not this one.

I can’t really see the downside of having faderstart nor using turntables. What is the difference between starting a vinyl record via fader and starting an audiofile the same way?

Turntables needed a quarterspin back, audiofiles don’t. So the audiofile starts ‘too sharp’ for me. And I like the audio to start at a 100% level. And I like buttons, they help me to prevent (further) RSI :wink:

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I’ll try that out, thanx for the how-to and corresponding graphics!

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There is no problem involving a delay of, say, 200 ms at startup. That’s how my setup is (an d always was).

Good idea, but as mentioned: I don’t like using faderstart :wink:

Followed your instructions, it works! Finetuned to match my own needs, for now…

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Yes, that makes the difference.

Great! Thank you for the feedback!

If you have more questions about mAirlist (and the Airlite) don’t hesitate to ask :slight_smile:

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